History of the Little Italy Revitalization Project

April 1996
City Council President Jim Baker and staff create a $1.5 million dollar street enhancement project from 2nd to 6th on Union Street.

October/November 1996
LINA members Luigi Vitrone and Joe Rossi compose and send various letters to Mayor James Sills requesting assistance for neighborhood improvements.

January 1997
Mayor James Sill sends his Liaison Vince Dalton out to Little Italy to talk to a small group of merchants. The Merchants agree to form an association entitled the Little Italy Merchants Association (LIMA).

April 1997
The Merchants Association holds a competition of four local architectural firms to give a new look to Little Italy. Design Collaborative, Inc. was chosen as the wining firm with its emphasis on beautifying the neighborhood with new lighting, arches and landscaping.

October 1997
The Merchants Association agrees at the request of several residents to change its name to the Little Italy Neighborhood Association. The group opens a bank account and obtains a 501C3 non-profit status with the IRS, the membership rises to 60 members.

February 1998
Mayor James Sill and the City Council President Jim Baker agree to move the original project on Union Street to include Lincoln Street from 4th to Pennsylvania Avenue at the request of the Association. Project cost $1.2 million.

April 1998
Del Dot is brought in to manage the project and streetscaping project is increased to $3 million up from 1.7 million.

September 1999
Construction starts on Union and Lincoln Streets and the completion date is set for June 2000 before the start of the Saint Anthony’s Festival.

January 2000
The Little Italy Neighborhood Association has now grown to 148 members. Merchant, residents, and social agencies in the Little Italy Area collectively begin to solicit corporate and private contributions.

Most recent

October 2002
L.I.N.A. begins effort to increase tree planting in Little Italy.  To date, over 60 residents have signed up for a free tree. The first batch of 20 trees are going to be planted in May 2004.

October 2003
Phase II Streetscaping Committee formed to pursue support and funding for streetscaping on Scott & Dupont Streets and the cross streets (4th thru PA Ave). Chairman is Nick DiBuo and Deputy Chairman is Dan Burroughs.

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