The Little Italy Neighborhood Association (LINA) wishes you a safe and healthy season.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our all volunteer staff and the generosity of donors and grantors, in the past, LINA has achieved the following for the community of Little Italy and the City of Wilmington.

-LINA secured $4.8 million dollars from state and federal government for the revitalization and streetscaping for Little Italy including banners, the welcome arch, new street lamps. landscaping and brickwork.

-LINA secured approximately $100,000 in public and private donations to launch a marketing campaign that brought new business and tourism to Little Italy.

-LINA received the Governor’s Award for Most Improved Tourism in 2002.

-LINA raised $1.6 million from the city to revitalize the historic 9th Street Reservoir, beautifying the area and more importantly, eliminating the criminal element that frequented the Reservoir.

-Since the inception of LINA in 1996, property values have risen while the average time a house stays on the market has been dramatically reduced.

The Little Italy Neighborhood Association (LINA) is a volunteer, grass roots, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop and maintain a healthy and vibrant community in the West Side of Wilmington. We need your help to carry on with this mission.

How to contact LINA:

Little Italy Neighborhood Association
415 N Lincoln St
Wilmington, DE 19805

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Luigi Vitrone - President
Jacquie Kimball - Vice President
Mary Ray Baines - Secretary

Joseph Cannavo
Richard Serpe
John McNamara
Pete Giorgi


When the Little Italy Neighborhood Association (LINA) was formed in 1996, it was a significant step in an important neighborhood’s revitalization.

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General Questions

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The Little Italy Neighborhood Association (LINA) is a volunteer, grass roots, non profit organization whose purpose is to develop and maintain a healthy and vibrant community in the West Side of Wilmington.

As residents and business people, we believe that the strength of our diversity in people, cultures, and businesses sets us apart from other communities in Wilmington. We are committed to making Little Italy a destination point to which people are enticed to live, work, and visit.


  • To offer the best quality services to customers, visitors, and residents
  • To ensure that our community is a safe place to work, visit, and live
  • To keep our neighborhood clean and attractive
  • To increase the availability of parking in our community
  • To recognize our individual needs and differences; to work together for the common good
  • To increase the number of businesses, homeowners, and customers and to promote a sense of pride of ownership of our valuable properties
  • To educate and communicate to others about the wonderful attributes of our community
  • To advocate for public services for our community and seek funding for enhancements
  • To reduce the number of vacant and substandard buildings in the community
  • To work with landlords to attain responsible tenant quality housing stock


  • Increase the city's capabilities with the additon of new surveillance cameras located throughout the Little Italy neighborhood
  • Phase II development of the Rispoli reservoir at 9th & Clayton
  • Phase II of the development of the streetscaping project from Lincoln St. to Rodney St. 10 million project.
  • Orchestrate second meeting of all community-based orgainizations for citywide participation
  • Continue proposals for additional parking, not only in Little Italy, but the west side of the city
  • Increase membership by 25%
  • Educate the public through the media, advertisement, public meetings, newsletters, etc.
  • Commit to maintaining, upgrading, and keeping our own properties clean and safe
  • Increase home ownership by a minimum of 10%, and initiating new home construction throughout Little Italy
  • Work with other neighborhood associations on common goals Lobby public officials for more public services
  • Report crime and unsafe conditions and insist on reasonable response
  • Lobby for more police and license and inspection
  • Support each others’ businesses.

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